Age: 16)
             Birthday: July 25th
             Height: 162cm (5' 4")
             Favorite Colors: Red, black

             Strengths: Singing, short distance running
             Weaknesses: Filled bread, Akimoto Kojirou

             The main character of our story. Yuusuke has had a strange
             fear of filled breads since he was little, though even he doesn't
             remember the reason why. He was always able to keep
             his fear a secret...until Kojirou came along.

             His hobbies are singing (he's even won a few Karaoke
             contests!) and reading manga (his favorite manga
             magazine is 'Shounen Bounce').

             He is good at sports and most physical activities, but apparently not good enough to defeat Kojirou,
             which annoys him to no end.

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