Age: 19
             Birthday: November 16th
             Height: 203cm (6' 8")
             Favorite Color: Silver
             Favorite Food: Ramen
             Hobbies: All kinds of sports, teasing
             people, video games

             Strengths: Can find out anyone's
             weakness, has quick reflexes
             Weaknesses: Nobody knows...yet.

             The new guy in town. Mysteriously, he seems to know
             everyone's weaknesses just by looking into their eyes...
             Yuusuke hates him for revealing his fear of filled bread to
             everyone, and vows to get revenge.

             Kojirou is a bit obnoxious and arrogant, though he's actually a nice guy.

             Teasing people is one of his hobbies, but he can be extremely protective of his family and friends.

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